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Tethix Elemental Workshops will make you think, talk, feel and do tech ethics differently.

Short, practical, but guaranteed to make you smile and embody ethics in a unique way.

"Tethix workshops demonstrate a commitment to ethics and responsible innovation using novel and practical tools to challenge attendees to think deeply about complex systems."
Roba Abbas
Socio-technology Scholar and Senior Lecturer | University of Wollongong
"We've now got new lenses to better explore these emerging technologies, to serve and enhance responsible innovation for our clients. Practical and deep thinkers, storytellers and masterful facilitators."
Alastair Pryor
Associate Director - Applied Innovation Exchange Aus/NZ | Capgemini

Tethix Elemental Workshops Catalog

Duration: 2 hours

Everyone is chasing productivity hacks with ChatGPT, but not you. You’re curious – curious to explore what interacting with ChatGPT can teach you about the complexities and nuances of human existence. What if custom instructions could act like incantations, breathing life into your dialogues with ChatGPT, similar to the way rabbis breathed life into the golem?

In this 2-hour workshop, we’ll guide you on a journey beyond mere productivity. Discover how personalising your interactions with ChatGPT can open doors to self-discovery, deepen your perception on the uniqueness of being human, and enhance ethical awareness.

Duration: 2 hours

You want to back what you believe in with action, but the gap between your good intentions and your practice often feels insurmountable. Join us for an ETHOS Gardening session in which you’ll discover your personal ETHOS Garden and learn how to nurture your values or principles with a variety of elemental pledges.

In this 2-hour workshop, you’ll learn how to close your intent to action gap in an embodied way that will feed your moral imagination. And we’ll enlist the help of ChatGPT as a garden golem to inspire you to write more diverse pledges that will turn the seeds of good intentions into thriving flora in your personal ETHOS Garden.

Duration: 90 minutes

Discover the transformative yet contentious realm of generative AI (Gen AI) in this 90 minute immersive workshop. Like Prometheus stealing fire from the gods, Gen AI offers us a tool of incomprehensible power and potential. But how should we handle this fire? Should we let it burn wildly, use it sparingly, or douse it entirely?

Guided by the metaphorical story of fire, we take you on a philosophical and practical journey to explore how to respond to and steward this potent technology responsibly. We navigate the spectrum of innovation and caution, teaching you to be a responsible firekeeper of the Gen AI flame.

Benefits of learning with Tethix

Balance your Elemental Ethics skills

All our workshop are practice-oriented, but we go beyond the obvious and what everyone is doing.

We’re helping you balance different elements of tech ethics, so you can develop your knowledge and skill set to be a responsible firekeeper the world needs.

Passionate and experienced instructors

We design workshops we’d like to attend, but nobody else is offering.

We combine decades of practice, research, and experience with instructional design and teaching to bring you unique experiences that engage your sense and challenge your thinking. 

We're changing and challenging the industry 

Our workshops are more than isolated events—they’re a gateway to a larger paradigm shift.

As we pioneer tools and systems like ETHOS, we offer a preview into a future where ethics isn’t an afterthought but embodied in how products and services are developed.

Your Facilitators

Tethix firekeepers are experienced facilitators, consultants and advisors, having supported Fortune 500s, Federal governments, leading research and policy institutes, and startups through the process of participatory moral imagination.


Mathew Mytka

Mat, a veteran facilitator and moral imagineer, has spent over a decade working at the intersection of digital technology and ethics in local, national a global contexts.


Alja Isakovic

Alja, a master storyteller and responsible tech advocate, brings a wealth of experience in driving responsible innovation across various organisational contexts.


Nathan Kinch

Nate is a practical sociotechnology ethicist that has spent the last decade leading major programs in responsible innovation all around the world.

Ready to become a responsible firekeeper?

Don't let the house, city, or forest burn down. Cultivate a sustainable flame by working with our team. We can design a tech ethics workshop to fit your organisation's needs. Reach out for a chat!

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