Tech ethics that makes you smile

Meet ETHOS, your responsible tech journey companion that doesn't require a degree in ethics and understands the pressures you're under.

With ETHOS, you can explore better intents and start nurturing your ethos in a place built for reflection, moral imagination, and smiles.

Pathfinding better tech futures, together

We're connecting curious souls eager to exercise their moral imagination.

Pathfinders, willing to explore the complex dance between technology, society, and collective wisdom.

Will you join our adventure?

Take a spark break

Awaken your inner child and engage your fingers with Paper Elemental Sparks.

A fun team activity to break the ice and spark meaningful discussions.

Explore hidden meanings behind words you use every day, and develop new shared meanings with your team.

Shift your culture from firefighting to firekeeping

We offer an alternative to the tech industry's usual approach of starting fires, then exhausting resources through incessant firefighting.

We call this approach responsible firekeeping.

Responsible firekeeping is a cultural shift away from reactivity towards proactivity. Through using Elemental Ethics, responsible firekeeping helps bring light, warmth and power to humanity.

Small team, big dreams

Our purpose is to help humanity reimagine and create technology for collective human flourishing.

Our mission is to craft tools and narratives that close the ethical intent to action gap in product development.

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