ETHOS Gardening with ChatGPT

Workshop overview

You want to back what you believe in with action, but the gap between your good intentions and your practice often feels insurmountable. Join us for an ETHOS Gardening session in which you’ll discover your personal ETHOS Garden and learn how to nurture your values or principles with a variety of elemental pledges.

In this 2-hour workshop, you’ll learn how to close your intent to action gap in an embodied way that will feed your moral imagination. And we’ll enlist the help of ChatGPT as a garden golem to inspire you to write more diverse pledges that will turn the seeds of good intentions into thriving flora in your personal ETHOS Garden.



The aim of this workshop is to help you see your values or principles as seeds of good intentions that you can bring to life in your ETHOS Garden with actionable pledges.

Writing good actionable pledges that feel right to you and fit your context can be a challenging process, so you’ll learn how to elicit diverse pledge suggestions from ChatGPT and explore how AI-generated pledges make you feel.

You’ll get to experiment with different elements and modalities of pledges to inspire you to initiate, deepen, or transform your daily practice, exploration, collaboration, or reflection. Through this process, you’ll enrich your moral imagination and experience a more embodied way of closing your intent to action gap.

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Who's this for?

Any aspiring ETHOS gardener who is looking for inspiration on how to nurture their values or principles with concrete actions.

You might be a tech professional, product manager, UX/UI designer, developer, or ethical tech advocate who is struggling with the gap you see daily between organisational values posted on websites, your own beliefs, and the actions you are allowed to take in your practice. The workshop is also a good fit for educators, policy makers, ethicists, and anyone captivated by the tension between intentions and action.

Elemental outcomes


  • Start nurturing your personal ETHOS Garden and closing the intent to action gap.
  • Develop an understanding of pledges as practical commitments that nurture your values or principles in the ETHOS Garden.
  • Write pledges to initiate, deepen, or transform your daily practice, exploration, collaboration, or reflection.


  • Learn about theories that can support sustained behaviour change.


  • Explore the benefits of sharing your pledges in a social context.


  • Reflect on the use of AI tools for pledge generation and how it changes how you feel about pledges.
  • Explore different elements and modalities of pledges.

Meet your facilitators


Alja Isakovic

Alja, a master storyteller and responsible tech advocate, brings a wealth of experience in driving responsible innovation across various organisational contexts. As a co-founder at Tethix, she's at the forefront of sculpting tools and products that aim for human and planetary-centred outcomes. Join her in this workshop, where she'll show you how to plant your ETHOS Garden and nurture it with a diverse set of elemental pledges.


Mathew Mytka

Mat, a veteran facilitator and moral imagineer, has spent over a decade at the intersection of digital technology and ethics. As co-founder of Tethix, he's been fine-tuning incantations for his own ChatGPT golem to explore the complexities of ethical tech and mindful approaches to its use. Join him alongside Alja in this workshop to delve into new ways of using tools like ChatGPT to close your intent to action gap.

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