Exploring the Gen AI Fire

Workshop overview

Discover the transformative yet contentious realm of generative AI (Gen AI) in this 90 minute immersive workshop. Like Prometheus stealing fire from the gods, Gen AI offers us a tool of incomprehensible power and potential. But how should we handle this fire? Should we let it burn wildly, use it sparingly, or douse it entirely?

Guided by the metaphorical story of fire, we take you on a philosophical and practical journey to explore how to respond to and steward this potent technology responsibly. We navigate the spectrum of innovation and caution, teaching you to be a responsible firekeeper of the Gen AI flame.



The aim of this workshop is to challenge your gut reaction to Gen AI by exploring different responses and perspectives.

Using the metaphor of fire, you will not only explore the technological promises and pitfalls, but also gain clarity on where you stand when it comes to responsible development and use.

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Who's this for?

Are you a tech-savvy individual grappling with the social, ethical, and practical implications of cutting-edge technologies like Gen AI? Perhaps you’re a developer, a product manager, or an AI ethicist? Or maybe you’re an educator, policymaker, or simply a concerned citizen?

If you find yourself at the intersection of technology and ethics and want to explore your position in the spectrum of responses to generative AI, this workshop will help you find your footing.

Elemental outcomes


  • Define your position on Gen AI development and use with the use of the AI fire grounding tool.
  • Write Responsible AI Pledges to guide your future interactions with Gen AI.


  • Go beyond conventional ethics frameworks when grounding your understanding of Gen AI.


  • Develop skills to think and communicate critically about the spectrum of potential responses to Gen AI.


  • Temper your response to Gen AI and learn a more mindful way of engaging with emerging technologies.

Meet your facilitators


Alja Isakovic

Alja, a master storyteller and responsible tech advocate, brings a wealth of experience in driving responsible innovation across various organisational contexts. As a co-founder at Tethix, she's at the forefront of sculpting tools and products that aim for human and planetary-centred outcomes. Join her alongside Mat in this workshop, where her storytelling prowess will illuminate new perspectives on ethical engagement with technology.


Mathew Mytka

Mat, a veteran facilitator and moral imagineer, has spent over a decade at the intersection of digital technology and ethics. As co-founder of Tethix, he's been fine-tuning incantations for his own ChatGPT golem to explore the complexities of ethical tech and mindful approaches to its use. Join him and Alja in this workshop to delve into new ways to make sense the Gen AI Fire and more mindful responses to it's development and use.

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