Moral Imagineering with ChatGPT

Workshop overview

Everyone is chasing productivity hacks with ChatGPT, but not you. You’re curious – curious to explore what interacting with ChatGPT can teach you about the complexities and nuances of human existence. What if custom instructions could act like incantations, breathing life into your dialogues with ChatGPT, similar to the way rabbis breathed life into the golem?

In this 2-hour workshop, we’ll guide you on a journey beyond mere productivity. Discover how personalising your interactions with ChatGPT can open doors to self-discovery, deepen your perception on the uniqueness of being human, and enhance ethical awareness.



The aim of this workshop is to broaden your view of ChatGPT from merely a productivity tool to a complex interface with the potential to challenge and enrich your understanding of self and society.

Drawing inspiration from the golem story, you’ll learn to see the dialogues you have with ChatGPT not just as transactional exchanges, but as opportunities for self-discovery, ethical engagement, and personal growth. By customising these interactions, you’ll become an active participant in shaping technology in ways that are reflective and respectful of your unique human experiences.

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Who's this for?

Much like the rabbis in the age-old golem legend, are you a creator at the intersection of tech and ethics? Are you wrestling with the duality of your creations, striving to make them both powerful and benign? Then this workshop is for you.

We’ve designed this workshop for tech professionals, product managers, UX/UI designers, developers, and ethical tech advocates who are concerned with the moral imperatives of their work. But it’s also a fit for educators, policy makers, ethicists, and anyone captivated by the tension of creation and responsibility in the digital age.

Elemental outcomes


  • Get hands-on experience crafting incantations (custom instructions) to make your interactions with ChatGPT more personal and meaningful.


  • Leave the workshop with a new outlook on how to engage with AI in a manner that reinforces rather than diminishes your uniqueness as a human.
  • Briefly delve into theoretical frameworks, such as phenomenology, that offer a deeper understanding of personalised human-AI interactions.
  • Shift your perspective from using ChatGPT solely for productivity to viewing it as a tool for self-exploration and enrichment.


  • Discuss the ethical boundaries and responsibilities that come with more personalised AI interactions.


  • Learn techniques for mindful use of ChatGPT, focusing on intentionality, ethical considerations, and reflective practice.
  • Explore how nuanced AI interactions can offer insights into your emotional landscape.

Meet your facilitators


Mathew Mytka

Mat, a veteran facilitator and moral imagineer, has spent over a decade at the intersection of digital technology and ethics. As co-founder of Tethix, he's been fine-tuning incantations for his own ChatGPT golem to explore the complexities of ethical tech and mindful approaches to its use. Join him in this workshop to delve into new ways to make sense of tools like ChatGPT and what it means to be human in the age of Generative AI.


Alja Isakovic

Alja, a master storyteller and responsible tech advocate, brings a wealth of experience in driving responsible innovation across various organisational contexts. As a co-founder at Tethix, she's at the forefront of sculpting tools and products that aim for human and planetary-centred outcomes. Join her alongside Mat in this workshop, where her storytelling prowess will illuminate new perspectives on ethical engagement with technology.

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