Tethix 2033

A virtual training ground for everyone to contribute to more ethical and responsible technology.

In 2033, the Tethix Learning Archipelago is a popular destination in the Open Metaverse. It’s where misfits, tinkerers, artists, hackers and makers meet and come together to tackle the big challenges facing humanity.

Tethix players have continued reimagining the role of tech in different areas of our lives. New social platforms are emerging from the creative work done by crews exploring and shaping the Archipelago. New organizational models are surfacing. Players are feeling empowered to change their local communities. Many are disrupting the status quo in their industries for the better.

Recent independent research has shown the benefits of playing this cooperative game. Tethix players develop greater resilience. They feel more empowered to enact change in their communities. They’re more optimistic about the future, and feel a greater sense of connection to people around the world. They better understand the natural world around them, drawing inspiration for their creations.

The Archipelago continues to grow every day in unique ways thanks to user-generated content. The Get Weird Collective is one of the most popular creators of quest-chains that are inspiring diverse people to learn about moral philosophy and technology.

Crews like Piracatz have been sailing the Archipelago for over five years now. They’re able to dedicate a large part of their lives to sailing the Archipelago in search of company bounties. Hackathons are a relic of the solutionist mindset that permeated the beginning of the 21st century; people now realize engaging with the biggest challenges takes time. And it’s most effective when diverse people have the space and time to learn together.

Not everyone joins a crew and completes challenges. Some people enjoy doing bite-sized mini quests on their lunch breaks. Others prefer to immerse themselves in one of the worlds in the Archipelago, role-playing to help other players have a more enriching experience. While others specialize in certain parts of the experience, such as research tasks and more detailed analysis or helping crews to prototype their ideas. All types of players are contributing to a thriving marketplace that connects people with different skills and needs throughout the Archipelago.

The Archipelago is especially attractive to people who have been traditionally left out of the conversation. People from minorities are empowered to co-create technologies and are finding new opportunities throughout the Archipelago.

Inspired by what is happening in the Archipelago, higher education institutions are adding more storytelling and immersive learning contexts to their curricula. Educators are leading their students on journeys through the Archipelago. Researchers are joining people in the Archipelago to embark on research expeditions. Academics from different fields are sharing their expertise in the marketplace by creating quests or stewarding crews through ethical dilemmas.

Policy makers are joining crews on expeditions and learning with diverse stakeholders. These experiences are helping them develop regulations that work better for people.

There were a few failed attempts from big tech to buy out the Tethix Cooperative and launch their own clones. But replicating the passion and strong connections of the Tethix community is not easy. Tethix players are proud of how they are helping people flourish with technology. The Archipelago is bigger than Tethix. The Archipelago is a reflection of its Pathfinders and everyone who has left a footprint in it over the past decade.

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