Tech ethics that makes you smile

You know that the way we build tech needs to change. But tech ethics feels so removed from your practice.

Meet ETHOS, your responsible tech journey companion that doesn't require a degree in ethics and understands the pressures you're under.

With ETHOS, you can explore better intents and start nurturing your ethos in a place built for reflection, moral imagination, and smiles.

Nurture your daily reflective practice

Visit your ETHOS dashboard for just a couple of minutes every day, as you prepare to start your day. 

What do you want to nurture in your tech practice?

Reflect on your current intent and the people, places, practices, and ETHOS elements that can support you in nurturing your ETHOS intent.


Who do you choose to feature on your profile? Who shapes your thoughts and ideas?


What online places do you inhabit? Where on planet Earth are you? How do these places shape you?


What ethics tools and techniques do you use in your practice? What is the focus of your practice?


What is your current intent? What do you value, what do you commit to? What are you trying to nurture? 

Explore ETHOS intents

Seed sets of principles, practical tools, discussion sparks: explore various intents that can nurture your ETHOS. 

Save intents to your exploration backpack to equip at a later stage of your journey, or add them to your profile to showcase them as part of your ethics toolbox or ETHOS commitments.

Nurture relationships

Share your current status and your ETHOS intent with your collaborators, and get inspired to nurture the relationships that matter to you the most.

Share your ETHOS

Highlight what really matters to you by sharing your ETHOS profile on LinkedIn, Slack, or other places. 

No follower counts, but rather a reflection of what inspires you and what matters to you. A simple way to share your ethical practice and good intents with the world.

Ready to nurture your ETHOS?

Embark on your responsible tech journey by exploring ETHOS.

When you're ready to deepen your practice, create a free ETHOS account and start nurturing your ETHOS.

P.S.: This is just the beginning...

Right now, ETHOS is still a delicate seedling, trying to grow in a hostile ecosystem with little sunshine, so please tread with care. We’re still trying to figure out where to find the nutrients this little seedling desperately needs to grow and thrive. 

Over time, we aim to grow the ETHOS seedling into a thriving tech ethics forest by codesigning a complete Ethical Tension and Health Operating System (ETHOS), which will help organisations close the ethical intent to action gap. Explore our product vision to find out more about our vision.

If you would like to help find the nutrients the ETHOS seedling desperately needs to grow and thrive, please get in touch and help us bring a bit of calm, mindfulness, and better intents to the tech we build.