Tethix ETHOS™:
Plant values, grow responsible products

Don't let deadlines, compromises, and tradeoffs get in the way of your team's good intentions.

Whether you have waterfalls, sprints, scrums, huddles or cuddles, we've got you covered.

Tethix ETHOS™ is a workflow-agnostic suite of practical ethics products that adapts to your needs.

Coming to life in the tools you already use

ETHOS™ is the Ethical Tension and Health Operating System for your organisation. It's designed to integrate with your existing product stack:

ETHOS™ for Jira

For every issue you create, ETHOS™ for Jira connects your principles and pledges directly to the features you build.

ETHOS™ for Figma

Beyond pushing pixels, ETHOS for Figma embeds your ethical principles and pledges into the structure of your design system.

ETHOS™ for Slack

Amidst everyday discussions, ETHOS™ for Slack captures the context of ideas, intentions and interactions, assessing your real-time ethical tension and health.

ETHOS™ for Zoom

In today's meeting space, ETHOS™ for Zoom focuses your efforts toward existing and emerging pledges. Helping your team keep aligned to what you care about.

ETHOS™ Garden: experience your team's health & tensions

Dashboards are boring and forgettable. With ETHOS™, the values, principles, or pledges your team decides to plant together turn into a living ETHOS™ Garden.

You nurture your ETHOS™ Garden by practicing Elemental Ethics™ skills within ETHOS™-enabled apps. The Garden is a place that grows with your team, dynamically reacts to emerging tensions, and is a mirror of how healthy your responsible practice is.

Connected together, ETHOS™ Gardens form a network that reflects the ethical health & tensions of the entire organisation.

ETHOS™ makes ethics

Interesting, fun, and accessible

Bye bye boring and burdensome. Hello ethics that makes you and your colleagues smile, learn and grow together.

Diverse and inclusive

Ethics is better when we do it together. ETHOS™ enhances the participatory nature of moral imagination today so that you can build better tech for tomorrow.


Integrate and embed ethics into your everyday tools, workflows and practices. By doing this you can nurture the values you’ve planted and benefit from the fruits of your labour.

Meaningful and memorable

ETHOS™ lives and breathes with you, enabling your team to do more of what you, together, believe to be ‘good’ and ‘right’.

ETHOS™ is still a seedling emerging

We’re still early in our development, nurturing our seedling so it can bloom for you. 

Want to explore now?

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