Tethix TL;DR

What is the problem we are solving at Tethix?

Even when organisations articulate their good intentions in values and principles, they are not actionable nor translate into products that are brought to market. Cross-functional product teams building technology are usually under immense pressure to move fast and break things. This impacts trust and the organisation’s social licence to operate. We call this the ethical intent to action gap.

What is the solution we are building to close this gap?

Product: ETHOS app

ETHOS™ is a suite of apps that integrates with your existing tools and workflows. It is the Ethical Tension and Health Operating System for your organisation.

Framework: Elemental Ethics

Elemental Ethics™ is a new paradigm for product development that uses nature-inspired language and familiar stories to make ethics interesting, fun, accessible, inclusive, memorable, and practical.

Theory: SMILES

SMILES, Symbio-Memetic Interwoven Language Embodiment System, is the blueprint for teams building technologies that are ecologically grounded, socially ambitious and economically relevant to humanity’s challenges.

Vision: Archipelago

In 2033, the Tethix Archipelago is a popular destination in the Open Metaverse. It’s where misfits, tinkerers, artists, hackers, and makers meet and come together to tackle the big challenges facing humanity.

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