Introducing the Pathfinders Podcast

Last year, we started embracing the lunacy of tech with smiles and love through the Pathfinders Newmoonsletter. The Newmoonsletter rises every new moon – when the nights are darkest – to inspire collective pathfinding towards better tech futures. Being a Pathfinder can be a lonely journey though, so we started hosting regular gatherings around the virtual campfire every full moon – when the nights are brightest.

And this lunation, we’re adding another way of joining our pathfinding adventure by introducing the Pathfinders Podcast. The podcast is a meandering exploration inspired by the seeds planted in the Newmoonsletter at the beginning of the lunation cycle, and the paths illuminated during the Full Moon Gathering. 

Syncing our activities to the lunar cycle is intentional. We are part of the tech industry, which likes to move fast and break things, starting wildfires left and right, but in our work we always aim to include a broader systemic view of the world. And what better way to humble ourselves than looking up into the sky and reminding ourselves that we’re all living on a tiny rock floating through space. Orbiting the Sun on spaceship Earth, with the Moon as our loyal companion and its cycles a commonality we share across timezones and places we inhabit. 

So, if you’d like to explore the paths not so well travelled with us, we invite you to tune into the Pathfinders Podcast as the moon starts waning, and explore the lunacy of tech with us. You can now listen to the first episode that explores the question: What data are we feeding to our Al models, and what are they turning into? on Substack, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Overcast, and other places where you get your podcasts. 

If you enjoy this meandering exploration, please share it with friends to inspire further discussions, leave a review, comment, send us your thoughts at, and join our pathfinding adventure.

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