Tech ethics that makes you smile

We understand the pressure you're under to deliver business value while staying true to your principles and values.

We're on a journey to build products that embed ethics in the fabric of your organisation and help you embody your ETHOS.

With Tethix, you can plant seeds of good intentions and grow products you can be proud of.

Tethix ETHOS™
Embed & embody your values in practice

Doing ethics in tech is not just hard, it's often burdensome and boring.

The good news is it doesn't have to be. It can be interesting, meaningful and joyful.

We're developing an ecology of products to cultivate responsible firekeeping. This gives you the power and wisdom to design technologies that contribute to human and planetary flourishing.

Shift your culture from firefighting to firekeeping

We offer an alternative to the tech industry's usual approach of starting fires, then exhausting resources through incessant firefighting.

We call this approach responsible firekeeping.

Responsible firekeeping is a cultural shift away from reactivity towards proactivity. Through using Elemental Ethics™, responsible firekeeping helps bring light, warmth and power to humanity.

Embody ethics with Tethix workshops

Join us around a virtual campfire to explore tech ethics in a way that nobody else does. 

Tethix Elemental Workshops will make you think, talk, feel and do tech ethics differently.

Short, practical, but guaranteed to make you smile and embody ethics in a unique way.

Ecologically inspired, empirically informed

We are grounded by the belief that language is a fundamental interface to our world.

Working at the intersection of transdisciplinary theory, reflective practice, and a deep ecological orientation, we've developed the Symbio-Memetic Interwoven Language Embodiment System (SMILES)🙂.

SMILES brings joy to doing ethics.

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