Data protection notice

What we believe

We believe most legal disclosures are not designed. We believe we can change that by helping people learn how to make better disclosure more widespread. We believe that the data we collect and process should be stewarded. By us as an organisation and by the community we serve.

How the data is collected and used via this platform, how it is managed and governed will also evolve with your involvement. If you are interested in Data Coops and Data Trusts and want to collaborate, reach out.

Why we collect and process personal data

We collect and process personal data to be able to provide the services offered via the Tethix platform.

Purpose of processing

We collect and process personal data for the following purposes:

  • To market new and unique learning experiences to those that have consented to receive this type of communications from us.
  • To provide the Tethix platform infrastructure such as this website and to design learning experiences that help people in creating more ethical technology.
  • To continuously improve and enhance the Tethix platform and the services we offer.
  • To provide secure access to your account as a Tethix community member.

Legal basis for processing

This is the basis in law under which we collect and process personal data:

When you choose to receive marketing communications about learning experiences offered, we use Consent as the legal basis for collection and processing.


When you sign up as a community member and pay for membership and courses, we use Contract as the legal basis for collection and processing.

When and what we collect and process

There are different situations when we collect and process data about you. Below we describe these situations, what data we collect and who else is involved.

When you browse the website

We have done our best to collect no personal data when you just browse as a visitor. Aligning to the principle of data minimisation. We use Plausible privacy preserving web analytics. There are no cookies or tracking pixels used so no personal data is collected.

To learn more view Plausible’s Data Policy

When you create an account

When you decide to register an account and become a Tethix community member we will be collecting and processing data.

What we collect and process

  • Username
  • Email address
  • Password (never stored in plain text)
  • Data and time of registration

When you pay for a membership or a course

We provide learning experiences that you can pay for with a Credit or Debit Card. This can be for one-off courses, learning programs or a subscription membership for the platform.

What we collect and process

  • First and last name
  • Email address
  • Card number
  • Expiry date
  • CVV code
  • Product name(s)
  • Purchase amount
  • Customer company name (optional)
  • Billing address (optional)
  • Product quantity
  • Order number
  • Product SKU (Stock Keeping Number)
  • Data and time of purchase


We do not store any of your Credit/Debit card details. Payments are securely processed by Stripe.

When you engage in learning activities

We provide courses and learning programs and encourage people to share ideas and their progress as part of the courses and/or learning programs they do. This means that the data generated in those interactions is being processed by us.

What we collect and process

  • First and last name
  • Course(s) enrolled in
  • Courses completed
  • Lessons completed in a course
  • Quizzes taken (date and time) and the score achieved
  • Lessons completed (name of lesson and date of completion)
  • Activities points (and point type) awarded for
  • Activities points (and point type) deducted for
  • Achievements (and types) received and when
  • Course certificates received and when
  • Topics posted in the forum and when
  • Content of topic post in the forum
  • Comment/reply in the forum and when
  • Content of comment/reply in the forum
  • Any images and video shared in forum and when
  • Likes given to topic(s), discussions and member replies in forums and when
  • Favourites given to topics in the forums

When you add content to your profile or timeline

We have features that enable you to create a social profile, build a reputation, connect with other community members and make better, together. This means that when you add content (data) to your profile we collect and process it.

What we collect and process

  • Profile images you add
  • Content (text, images and video) you add to your profile bio
  • Content you share in the additional bio (Your WHY) form field (optional)
  • Date and time when you add this content
  • Community member nicknames you tag in your timeline posts


This is only stored within our WordPress environment hosted via GreenGeeks. It is not shared with any other parties.

When you choose to be notified of a new course or learning program

When you want to be notified of an upcoming course we ask for your email so we can notify you when this course launches.

What we collect and process

When you consent to be notified of an upcoming course we’re launching we collect your email address. When that course is launched we send you an email to let you know it is available. This automated email is done through our WordPress plugins and handled by Amazon Simple Email Sending.

The data we collect and process is detailed below:

  • Your email address
  • If you opened the email or clicked on a link
  • The date and approximate time you opened the email or clicked on a link
  • The email client you use (e.g. gmail, outlook, apple mail)

When you receive an email notification or community update

There are a few different reasons you will receive an email from us. These include:

  • Letting you know a community member has interact with you
  • Receipts for when you buy a course
  • Emails to enhance the learning experience, and;
  • Updates on platform progress or scheduled downtime

What we collect and process

Emails are set up through our WordPress plugins. Then sent via Amazon Simple Email Sending.

The data we collect and process is detailed below:

  • Your email address
  • If you opened the email or clicked on a link
  • The date and approximate time you opened the email or clicked on a link
  • The email client you use (e.g. gmail, outlook, apple mail)

When you register and attend a community video call or live workshop

We run video calls for community members to support learning outcomes and direct community involvement. These can be for specific learning experiences we provide or for community sense-making, governance and decision making.

What we collect and process

When you join a video call you are asked to enter a name. We don’t retain this. But in situations where you provide input on decisions we make as a community the details of this are recorded. This may be in the form of notes and associated with the profile name you use in the community. In some cases we record community calls to Zoom cloud and make them available for you and other community members to view later.

The data we collect and process is detailed below:

  • Name you enter when you join the call
  • Your audio/visual content from the call to provide a recording to the community
  • Notes attributed to your input in a community decision


Registering for these events is done via Zoom. This means you will need to provide some information. To register you’ll need to provide:

  • First and last name (realistically you can put anything in here. E.g. First name: Gandalf – Last name: The Grey)
  • Your email address (used to send you the event confirmation email with Zoom call details)


You can find more information on Zoom’s Privacy Policy.

Tools for enhancing the community and learning experience

When you decide to register an account and become a Tethix community member we will be collecting and processing data.

Surveys and forms

We use surveys for understanding community preferences and perspectives. The current tool we use for this is Typeform. Surveys might not request any personal data at all. In some cases we’ll ask for an email address. This data you choose to submit in a survey or form is processed by Typeform.

You can learn more on Tyeform’s Terms & Conditions

Visual collaboration

We regularly use a visual collaboration tool called Mural. We also use this to share templates to improve your learning experiences or ethical decision making processes in your professional life. These may be embedded in pages on our site and in micro-learning experiences for you to use in enhancing your skill set.

You can find more details on Mural’s data collection and processing activities in the company’s Privacy Policy.

Community chat

We use a community chat network called Matrix. It’s like Slack but open source and decentralised. When you choose to join our community chat you’ll be registered on servers managed by Matrix.

You can learn more about data privacy on the Matrix Privacy Notice.

Involvement in community workstreams

We are open with the plans we have and also encourage community members to get actively involved in the evolution of the platform. To do this we have a Trello board that covers what we are working on and have planned. If you choose to join you are acknowledging that registering for this service is your choice. Registration data and content you add is processed by Trello as a company. You can learn about Trello’s data privacy here.

If you want to contribute in other ways, reach out via our community chat or email us.

How and where we store data

We securely store your data with our hosting provider GreenGeeks. They are based in the US. We’ve chosen Europe as a region for this sustainable cloud infrastructure. We also have a Content Delivery Network provided by Cloudflare. This means that the network of servers will temporarily (this is called caching) store some of your data in locations closest to you (Geographical Proximity). They will change where the data is stored based on the IP address of the computer you are accessing our website from. So as you can tell it’s kinda complicated.

Data retention

We retain the data we process about your account and learning experience only whilst you are an active member. If you choose to cancel your membership, we will enable you to export the data we have about you. We will then delete this data.

Approach to data security

We use a range of practices to keep your data secure.

  • We use password management with randomly generated passwords
  • Two Factor Authentication is used on all our administrator accounts
  • Daily backups are maintained to mitigate data loss

Core service providers we use that process your data

Website hosting

Our website is hosted by GreenGeeks.

This service providers’ main business is located in Wilmington, United States and the server region we use is Europe.

There’s more information available from GreenGeeks in the company’s Data Processing Agreement

Email provider

Emails we receive are managed by ProtonMail.

The message content is encrypted but there is some metadata they process.

  • Sender and recipient email addresses
  • The IP address incoming messages originated from
  • Message subject line
  • Message sent and received times


You can learn more in ProtonMail’s Privacy Policy

Payment processing

When you pay using a Credit or Debit card

When you make a purchase using our platform we use Stripe to process the payment. We do not store any Credit/Debit Card details anywhere.

Here’s more information on Stripe’s privacy policy.

Video conferencing

We use Zoom to host our community video calls and live virtual workshops to deliver high quality calls and make cloud based recordings available. When you choose to join a workshop or community call Zoom does collect and retain some personal data. This can be the name you enter to use when you join a call or data associated with an account you have with them. It can also be things like your IP address to connect you to the call.

Here’s more information about Zoom’s approach to privacy and data protection.

If you have any questions in relation to this notice please contact us via email